Instructions Overview

Background checks conducted by the Human Resources Department require two parts:

  • Live Scan

  • Accurate Background Package

A Department Representative, Recruiter, or other designated staff will complete these steps to obtain a Live Scan background check for their candidate and order a background check package from Accurate Background.

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Step 1.  Collect Information About the Position and Candidate

You will need to collect the following information to complete all of the steps in these instructions:

  1. Candidate Name

  2. Candidate Email Address

  3. Department Name

  4. Department ID

  5. Job Opening or Requisition Number
    From the HR recruitment system.

  6. Job Title or Applicant Type if Not for Employment (Clinical Privileges, Contractor, Intern, or Volunteer)

  7. Job Code

  8. Live Scan Fingerprinting Option
    In most cases, departments will send their candidate to a Riverside County Sheriff's Station to be fingerprinted. However, the department also has the option to use mobile fingerprinting services or a fingerprint card for out-of-state candidates.

  9. Accurate Background Check Package
    Departments may select the Minimum Package (MIN), which is the default package and includes a Social Security Number Trace, Address History, and online authorization forms.

Step 2.  Complete the Request for Live Scan Service Form*

You will download the Request for Live Scan Service Form and complete these fields:

  1. Applicant Title:  Select the Job Title from the drop-down menu or enter the assignment title.

  2. Your Number/OCA:  Select the Department ID from the drop-down menu and enter the Job Opening/Requisition #.  For recruitments without a Job Opening/Requisition#, use the number "1001."

    The Request for Live Scan Service Forms for non-employees (i.e., volunteers, contractors, and clinical privileges) do not require a Job Opening/Requisition#.


*Recruiters should generate the Live Scan Request Form in PeopleSoft using Reporting Tools>BI Publisher>Query Report Viewer.  Use the "LIVESCAN" report.

Select the Job Title from the Drop-Down Menu



There are several Request for Live Scan Service Forms on the Forms page.  Choose the form that is appropriate for the applicant type (employee, volunteer, etc.) and the Live Scan fingerprinting option (Sheriff's Station, Certifix Mobile Live Scan, or Fingerprint Card.)

Step 3.  Order the Background Check Package Using Accurate Background's Online System

You will log into Accurate Background's online system and click on the Order link.  Then you will complete only the required fields as follows:

  1. Type of Search:  Select the Package from the drop-down menu.

  2. Reference #:  Enter the Reference #.

    The Reference # is the Job Code, Department ID, and Job Opening/Requisition # each separated by a hyphen (Job Code-Department ID-Job Opening/Requisition #).

    For example, "13865-1000100000-1001" is the Reference # for the Office Assistant II classification with the Board of Supervisors with Job Opening #1001.  For recruitments with no Job Opening/Requisition #, use number "1001."

    If the applicant type is not an employee, then substitute Applicant Type for the Job Code and omit the Job Opening/Requisition #.  For example, "Volunteer-1000100000" is the Reference # for a volunteer with the Board of Supervisors. 

  3. Candidate Name:  Enter the candidate's name. 

  4. Candidate Email Address:  Enter the candidate's email address.

  5. State:  Select "California" from the drop-down menu.

  6. Department:  Select the Department from the drop-down menu.

  7. Job Code:  Enter the Job Code or the Applicant Type if not for employment. This is the same Job Code as mentioned in 2 above.

  8. Department ID:  Enter the Department ID.  This is the same Department ID as mentioned in 2 above.

  9. Click on Submit New Request to finish your order.




Step 4.  Contact Your Candidate*

Last, you will contact your candidate and provide following:

  1. Give your candidate the Request for Live Scan Service Form that you completed in "Step 2" above.

  2. Instruct your candidate to check their email for the invitation from Accurate Background to complete the Online Screening Information Form.  Instruct the candidate to check their spam folder if they have not received the email from Accurate Background.

*Recruiters should email background check instructions to the candidate from Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) using the COR Pre-Employment Service in the Take Action menu.  Use the "COR APP PE Background" letter and add the Request for Live Scan Service Form as an attachment.